Disinfectant spray for the mattress: how to prepare it to eliminate mites and stains

Mattress and pillows are not cleaned as frequently as other household objects, yet they are a real den of mites and bacteria, not to mention stains. In this article we explain how to prepare a disinfectant spray for the mattress that repels mites, absorbs odors and eliminates stains .

Mites are microscopic insects that live in dust. They feed on dead skin cells and find the mattress a perfect context for their proliferation. Despite being very small, they represent a problem for our health, especially if we suffer from allergies or asthma.

Good and frequent cleaning of the house should keep dust mites away, but the situation changes when we talk about cleaning the mattress. By remaining trapped on it, the mites proliferate and multiply on the mattress, and for this very reason a good disinfectant spray could make the difference.

Mattress disinfectant spray ingredients :

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