Discover the Sweet Surprise: Banana Peel Honey

Banana peel honey is an innovative and eco-friendly recipe that transforms what is commonly seen as waste into a delightful and sustainable sweetener. This unique approach not only reduces food waste but also adds an inventive twist to your culinary repertoire. Here’s how you can make your own banana peel honey at home:

Peels from 4-5 bananas (preferably organic to minimize pesticide exposure)
Water (enough to cover the banana peels in a pot)
Sweetener of your choice (equal parts to the strained banana peel water; can be sugar, honey, or maple syrup)
Collect and Clean the Peels: Save the peels from your bananas, ensuring you have enough for a batch. Thoroughly wash these peels to remove any dirt or pesticide residue.

Chop and Boil:

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