Cultivating Your Own Blueberry Bounty

Blueberries thrive in acidic soil with a pH between 4 and 5. If your garden soil isn’t naturally acidic, don’t fret – container gardening is a great alternative.

Planting Wisely:
Blueberries need plenty of sun and nutrient-rich soil. If planting in the ground, find a sunny spot and space bushes about 5 feet apart. For container gardening, a pot with a diameter of 18 inches is ideal. Water them consistently, about 1 to 2 inches weekly.

Protection is Key:

Shield your blueberries from pests and animals by using bamboo sticks and covering them with a food-grade net.

Maintenance for Longevity:

With proper care, blueberry bushes can produce fruit for up to 20 years! Regular pruning is crucial for their health, but remember that pruned bushes won’t bear fruit that year. It’s wise to have several bushes and rotate pruning each year.

Harvesting Your Reward:

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