Creative Uses for Empty Toilet Paper Rolls

Start your garden early by using toilet paper rolls as biodegradable pots for seedlings. Cut slits in one end and fold them inward to create a bottom, fill with soil, and plant your seeds. Once the seedlings are ready to go outside, you can plant them directly in the ground, roll and all!

Home Enhancements:

DIY Air Fresheners: Create your own air fresheners by stuffing toilet paper rolls with dryer sheets or potpourri. Place them in areas that need freshening like closets or laundry rooms. The cardboard will help diffuse the scent gently throughout the space.

Decorative Art Supply Holders: Decorate empty rolls with paint, fabric, or paper and use them to store pens, pencils, and other art supplies. This not only recycles the rolls but also helps keep your crafting area tidy.

Practical Tips:

Cord Protectors: Prevent pets from chewing on cords by running them through toilet paper rolls. This simple solution can help protect both your cords and your furry friends.

Packing Material: When moving or sending packages, cut toilet paper rolls into spirals and use them as protective cushioning for packed items. It’s a great way to recycle and protect your belongings at the same time.


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