Creamy Ranch Chicken Vegetables Crockpot Recipe

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3-4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
1.5 lbs mini red potatoes, halved or quartered
1 lb baby carrots
1 large can (or 2 regular cans) of cream of chicken soup (adjust quantity based on your preference for creaminess)
1-2 packets of ranch seasoning mix
1 teaspoon seasoned salt (adjust to taste)
1/2 teaspoon black pepper (optional)
1 stick (1/2 cup) of unsalted butter, sliced
Fresh parsley, chopped (for garnish, optional)

Prepare Ingredients: Rinse the chicken breasts, mini red potatoes, and baby carrots thoroughly. Cut the mini red potatoes into halves or quarters, depending on their size, so they cook evenly.
Assemble in Crockpot: In your crockpot, place the chicken breasts at the bottom. Add the halved mini red potatoes and baby carrots on top of the chicken.
Seasoning: Sprinkle the ranch seasoning mix evenly over the ingredients in the crockpot. Add seasoned salt and black pepper (if using) for additional flavor.
Creamy Base: Pour the cream of chicken soup over the top of the chicken and vegetables. Spread it out with a spatula to cover everything evenly.
Butter It Up: Place the slices of butter on top of the soup mixture. The butter will melt during cooking and add richness to the dish.
Cooking Time: Cover the crockpot and set it to High. Cook for 4-5 hours. The dish is ready when the chicken easily falls apart with a fork, and the potatoes and carrots are soft and fully cooked.

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