Creamy Coconut Milk Chicken

This Coconut Milk Chicken recipe comes together in one pan, with a creamy sauce that’s out of this world. You’ll love this stellar combination of delicate coconut milk, perfectly cooked chicken breasts, and exotic spices!

coconut milk chicken breasts in black skillet garnished with cilantro

Tender Coconut Chicken
If you’re craving something savory without the fuss (hello, easy weeknight dinners!), this Coconut Milk Chicken recipe is just what you need! It’s a breeze to make, coming together in about 30 minutes, and all you need is one pan. The flavors are fantastic – tender, white-meat chicken in a creamy, spice-infused sauce, with the added zing of diced onion and fresh tomatoes. I’m excited for you to try it; it’s the kind of dish you’ll keep coming back to.

side view of chicken breasts in coconut milk sauce with diced tomatoes, onions, and cilantro

Ingredients Needed

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