best Patty Melt with Secret Sauce


Making patty melts at home is a cinch and so worth it. With just 10 minutes of prep time, you’ll have crave-worthy melty sandwiches ready in under an hour.

This easy recipe guides you through caramelizing onions and whipping up the secret sauce that takes this sandwich over the top.

Why This Patty Melt Recipe Rules
Here’s what makes this patty melt sandwich recipe stand out:

Sweet, melty caramelized onions – Slow cooking sliced onions until they are golden and jammy takes the flavors up a major notch
Two kinds of cheese make it extra decadent – Using both Swiss and cheddar gives you double the gooeyness
Special secret sauce – A homemade blend of zesty mayo, ketchup, mustard, and spices makes for next-level flavor
Satisfying yet easy to make – All the indulgent comfort with very little effort
So when a patty melt craving strikes, you’ll be ready to make everyone happy with this top-notch recipe.

For the Secret Sauce

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