Best Paczki recipe (N°1 Polish Doughnuts)

Paczki Recipe : Polish Baked Donuts

Paczki Recipe : Polish Baked Donuts

In Poland, Baked Paczki Day, the day when all of the last paczki are consumed, is the Thursday before Ash Wednesday. In the USA, Paczki Day is the day before Ash Wednesday.

The difference between these and a basic doughnuts is that paczki are made with a very rich, sweet yeast dough consisting of eggs, butter and milk. Sort of like a brioche doughnuts

Traditionally, paczki are fried in hot fat, but many people either do not have the kitchen equipment to deep fry, or they prefer not to do so due to health or safety concerns. This is a recipe for Baked Paczki that are just as delicious as their fried counterparts and baking them gives you a great kid-friendly recipe and opportunity to involve the younger members of the household in the process to introduce them to family traditions!

What is special about paczki?

Pączki are a specialty pastry reserved for once a year in honor of Fat Tuesday. It is a Catholic day of celebration as it is the precursor to the Lenten season, and the last day to indulge in foods before the traditional 40-day period of fasting before Easter.

How do you pronounce it in Polish?

Paçzki is pronounced as “pohnch-kee” and spelled with an ogonek on the “a” in Polish.


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