apple pie

It was about time I put my Apple Pie recipe on to the blog! This Apple Pie is everything you want: classic, simple, flaky and perfectly spiced.

There’s never a bad time for apple pie (Charles’ favourite dessert) which is convenient since apples are readily available to most of us all year round. Whether you serve it with ice cream, whipped cream, or nothing at all, it is a crowd favourite every time.
What is the Best Apple to use in Apple Pie?
While almost any apple will work, when choosing what type of apples to use you want to ideally choose one that will stay slightly firm once baked. Granny Smith, Ambrosia or Gala apples (or a mix!) are a safe bet to use here. Note, a Granny Smith apple will be slightly more tart and less sweet.

apple pie filling in a pot on stove

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