Always put 2 bay leaves under your pillow – find out why

Bay leaves are not just an aromatic addition to dishes; they boast a multitude of health benefits. They stimulate appetite, serve as a natural repellent, act as a diuretic, and can alleviate tension and bloating. Additionally, bay leaves have astringent properties and can soothe discomfort caused by colic.

Given these diverse benefits, it’s clear that incorporating bay leaves into daily life can be a healthy habit, not just for seasoning but also for their various advantageous properties.

Bay Leaves for Improved Sleep

One lesser-known yet life-changing use of bay leaves involves placing them under your pillow. As you may have read, bay leaves are a great friend to our body and using them effectively can help absorb their numerous benefits.

Apart from their use in teas and infusions, bay leaves are also excellent for freshening up spaces and absorbing bad odors, both at home and in the refrigerator.

However, their utility doesn’t stop there. Bay leaves are also excellent for promoting sleep and can help ensure a peaceful, uninterrupted night’s rest.

Simply place 2 bay leaves under your pillow and sleep over them throughout the night. This natural method can help you sleep calmly, allowing you to wake up full of energy and rejuvenated.

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