Add a spoonful to the water and water the peace lily. New leaves will appear quickly

Often referred to as spathiphyllum, the peace lily is a remarkable, easy-to-care plant, native to South America’s humid forests. Thriving indoors and certain tropical regions, here’s how to boost its growth and ensure an abundance of new leaves.

Basics for Thriving Peace Lilies:

Light & Shade: Though adaptable, regulating its light can prevent leaf drying and boost its growth. It blooms most profusely between May and October.

Annual Repotting:

Discover the Wonders of the Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum): Your Guide to Easy Plant Care

Hailing from the humid forests of South America, the peace lily stands out as a remarkable and low-maintenance indoor plant. Ideal for both indoor settings and tropical climates, it’s simple to foster its growth and encourage a flourish of new leaves.

Key Tips for Nurturing Peace Lilies:

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