A Smart Way for Hard-Boiled Eggs to Have Perfect Peels

Is peeling hard-boiled eggs giving you the willies? In this prevalent kitchen predicament, you are not alone. The tight, clinging shells of hard-boiled eggs make peeling them a dirty chore, but they’re a popular and healthful snack nonetheless. Rest assured, though! The famed French chef, cookbook author, and television host Jacques Pépin has an ingenious way to make peeling eggs easier.

The shells tend to stick to the egg white when hard-boiled, cracking into little bits and making the eggs look unappetizing. But Pépin’s approach changes the cooking process in a straightforward but efficient way. Is that the secret? Making a little incision on the egg’s broad end before placing it in boiling water.

The eggshell may be more easily removed with this method since the air pocket inside the egg gradually escapes while it cooks. The white becomes stuck to the shell and peeling becomes more difficult when the air pocket stays trapped. The eggshell will come off easily and smoothly when you release this air.

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