A Delightful Discovery: Rosemary Infused Vinegar

Embarking on kitchen adventures often leads to unexpected yet delightful discoveries, one of which was my serendipitous creation of rosemary-infused vinegar. This culinary innovation, born from a spontaneous decision to marry vinegar with the aromatic richness of rosemary, has since evolved into an indispensable element in my cooking repertoire, elevating everyday meals with an essence of sophistication.

The Inspiration
The genesis of this idea was rooted in a moment of admiration for the vigorous rosemary thriving in my herb garden. Contemplating its aromatic potency and flavor-enhancing properties, I pondered on expanding its application beyond the conventional boundaries of roasting and baking. The epiphany to infuse vinegar with rosemary emerged as a natural curiosity—given vinegar’s versatility in dressings, marinades, and household cleaning, the fusion seemed promising.

The Process

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