9 things to do with eggshells to stop throwing them away

1. Nutrients for the soil
Eggshells decompose quickly and can provide many nutrients to the soil. Among other things, the shells contain calcium and other valuable minerals. If you have enough eggshells, you can really enrich your soil.

2. Drainage
Digging holes and placing eggshells under your plants can help increase the soil’s drainage capacity and air circulation. This, in turn, helps plants stay healthy. Remember that you will need to replace egg shells as they break down.

3. Tomatoes
Tomatoes, eggplants and peppers can suffer from a calcium deficiency while growing, causing them to rot. One tip to prevent this is to bury the egg shells in the ground. As previously stated, the calcium they contain can be absorbed by the soil and then used by plants.

4. Keep Snails and Worms Away
A classic gardening tip is to scatter broken eggshells around plants, flowers and crops.

Apparently shells are good for keeping snails and worms away, because they don’t like being covered. All without touching pesticides!

5. Keep deer away
Okay, not all of you need to worry about deer among your plants, but for those who do (more rural readers), deer apparently hate the smell of eggshells.

6. To germinate young shoots
If you’re thinking about planting seeds, eggshells can be perfect as biodegradable pots. Rinse the shell, place your shells in a cardboard box near the windowsill and secure the soil and shoots. This way the plants also receive extra calcium (as we have already mentioned). When the shoots get too big, simply place the shells in the soil. Of course, it’s a good idea to make a hole in the shell of the egg so the roots can spread out.

7. Bird food
Small birds love crushed eggshells because they contain lots of calcium. When birds flock to your garden, they provide even more benefits – including their own pest control methods!

8. pH Balance
The pH balance of the soil can affect the color of some flowers. Take, for example, hydrangea, which can turn pink or blue depending on the acid-alkaline balance of the soil. If your soil is too acidic, using eggshells to balance the pH may be a good idea.

9. Compost

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