5 natural juices to lower cholesterol levels

Cholesterol is a lipid that our body needs in certain amounts to function properly. However, a sedentary lifestyle and poor diet can lead to an increase in cholesterol levels, exposing us to many health risks such as heart disease, stroke, and other problems.

Cholesterol is present in almost all parts of our body, especially in the nervous system, skin, muscles, liver, intestines, and heart. “Bad” cholesterol is the product of a diet rich in fried, sweet, processed, fatty, or cured foods. “Good” cholesterol, on the other hand, collects bad cholesterol from the blood and transports it to the liver for excretion.

Natural Juices to Combat Cholesterol
Below, we suggest recipes for 5 natural juices and smoothies to combat excess bad cholesterol.

1 – Apple, Parsley, and Spinach Juice

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