3 Ingredient Butter Cookies

These 3 ingredient Butter Cookies is absolute melt in your mouth deliciousness. It is super easy to make and has an irresistibly rich buttery flavour and a light crisp texture.

3 ingredient Butter Cookies

It is amazing how just 3 ingredients can create such a delicious bake. This incredibly versatile recipe makes a great treat any day of the week. Made using butter, flour and sugar, these addictive cookies are one of my favourite quick and easy bakes.

If its your first time making these cookies, then the visual guide, tips and variations will be helpful to you. Or else simply skip to the recipe with measurements and method at the end of this post


BUTTER: For the best texture and flavour, it is best that you use butter instead of margarine. Using butter creates a richer tasting bake. The butter should soft, but not melted. Take the butter out of the fridge at least an hour before baking.

SUGAR: White granulated sugar is used for these cookies.

FLOUR: I use cake flour for this recipe. However, if you are unable to get cake flour in the country in which you live, then you can go ahead and use all-purpose flour.

3 ingredient Butter Cookies


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