2 trucchi fai da te per eliminare le macchie di candeggina dai vestiti

👖💡 Accidentally got bleach on your favorite trousers during house chores? Before you consider them ruined and get the urge to discard them, know that there’s hope! Bleach spots may seem irreversible, but there are a couple of methods that might save your beloved garment. Let’s delve into two effective tricks to tackle those pesky bleach stains.
Solution 1: Vinegar & Alcohol Combo
Take equal parts white vinegar and alcohol (250 ml each) and combine them in a container.
Dip a clean cloth into this mixture.
Gently dab (don’t rub!) the bleach stain with the dampened cloth.
Rinse the treated area with cold water. If the stain remains, you might need to repeat this a few times.
Solution 2: Sodium Thiosulfate Method

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